This toddler's BFF? A crow! 🐦‍⬛

Plus, this dog is a piece of work.

Good Morning & Happy Sunday! Ready for the first full moon of spring? You’re just in time because, tonight, we’re set to experience one that is quite spectacular! 🌕

Here’s how to best experience the worm moon, and be sure to check out last year’s stunning photos from around the world!

A toddler, who has a pacifier in his mouth, carefully pets a crow whose mouth is open wide to make a noise.

This Toddler’s Best Friend Is A Crow & Their Friendship Is The Cutest

When Laerke’s boyfriend rescued a sickly crow, the two of them never would have guessed that they just met her toddler’s future BFF.

dog in jacket

Shelter’s Hilarious Post About Rude Dog Gets Him Adopted In Less Than 8 Hours

This dog is a piece of work — and we love him for it. 😆

bulls in a china shop

“Most Surprising Mythbusters Result Ever?” Testing Bulls In A China Shop

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go how you’d think!

Which animal is capable of regenerating its limbs?

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Axolotls have remarkable regenerative abilities, allowing them to regrow lost limbs, tails, and even organs including the brain and heart!

One Last Smile

A penguin at the zoo plays peekaboo with a little girl

Penguin peek-a-boo: We’ve got another adorable toddler-bird duo for you to meet! These two were caught playing the cutest game.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

– Robert Collier

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