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Homeless man's incredible transformation ✂️

Plus, a miraculous bunny rescue.

Good Morning & Happy Easter! Here’s your first smile hot off the grill: When this little girl needed a backup dancer for her talent show, she knew exactly who to call.

homeless man getting a haircut

Barber Gives Homeless Man 1st Haircut In Yrs, And The Transformation Is Incredible

He looks like a totally different person!

two talented kids: a little boy playing the piano next to another little boy playing the drums

Talented Toddlers: These Kiddos Have Insane Talents You’d Never Expect From Someone So Young!

They were born with abilities that most adults could never dream of possessing! 🤩

A bunny wrapped in a blanket is being fed with a syringe.

“She’s Never Going To Make It” Dedicated Woman Save’s Bunny’s Life Against All Odds

The poor creature was discovered after being hit by a car.

What flower is commonly associated with Easter?

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“My heart just grew ten times bigger watching this.”

“Thanks for all the hugs this morning!”

“Baby pandas are the cutest!”

Trivia Answer 🔎


Lilium longiflorum, also known as the Easter lily, is a traditional Easter flower, symbolizing purity, renewal, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has also come to represent spring, as this flower symbolizes new beginnings.

One Last Smile

View from someone on a paddleboard. Just breaking the surface of the water next to them is a massive orca swimming by.

Whale hello there! Check out the incredible footage this paddleboarder captured of orcas swimming up close and personal to investigate.

“Every day is a renewal, every morning the daily miracle. This joy you feel is life.”

– Gertrude Stein

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