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Hilarious reasons kids "can't" eat their food 😆

Plus, a hamster's fancy (and tiny) dinner.

Good Morning & Happy Sunday! Picture this: You’re enjoying a nice day at the park when you spot a woman sitting… on nothing but air! You can imagine, then, how baffled park-goers were when they got pranked by this “floating” woman. 🤭

a sandwich, orange slices, and goldfish crackers

15 Kids Who “Can’t” Eat Their Food For The Funniest Reasons

“She claimed her grilled cheese was ‘too grilled.’ Guess now we wait for the visit from CPS.” 😆

Nick and his younger brother, Gabe, hug. They're both wearing checkered pink and gray button-ups with an "I am Kenough" shirt underneath. Gabe is also holding an iced coffee.

Man With Down Syndrome Shares Sweetest Bond With His Brother & Their Videos Are Too Cute

They share wholesome glimpses into their lives to combat common misconceptions about people with Down syndrome.

A hamster eating dinner off a tiny plate on a table made from a can.

Hamster Has Candlelit Dinner At Tiny “Restaurant” & Owners Can’t Stop Cracking Up

Everyone deserves to have a nice dinner out, even a hamster!

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That dog said NOT TODAY HOOMAN!!!”

“She looks SO HAPPY!”

“A mother is always watching over her kids”

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Greenland shark

Greenland sharks are known as Earth’s longest-living vertebrates. Scientists believe these gentle giants can live up to 400 years old or more — some even think they can reach 500!

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tiger cub

This tiger cub might look big and scary, but she’s really just a kitten at heart. 😻 Watch her play like one!

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

– Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

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