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  • Cat passes away one day after Nana 🐾❤️

Cat passes away one day after Nana 🐾❤️

Plus, see a giraffe chiropractor at work.

Good Morning & Happy Sunday! You’ve heard of chiropractors, but how about animal chiropractors? Dr. Whitley is one of them — watch this unique practitioner work his magic on a giraffe! 🦒

An elderly woman lays in a bed and looks up at her black cat who lays by her side.

“When My Nana Was Ready, So Was Baby,” Cat Passes Away A Day After Her Owner

“I’m sure Baby didn’t want Nana to cross alone.” 🐾❤️

Image shows the end of semester performance at Sonoma County Jail.

Prisoner Gets Emotional Listening To String Quartet Play Music He Composed

The joy and pride on his face are palpable. 🥹

A woman in a wheelchair visits a Disney park with her service dog.

Woman In Wheelchair Shows Adorable Reason Why Her Service Dog Is Trained To Greet People On Cue

The way that this pooch switches from serious to playful as soon as he hears the command is way too cute!

True or false: The Great Wall of China is visible to the naked eye from space.

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“Dogs are SO smart!”

“That’s what friends are for!”

“What an awesome day for a dog waiting to be adopted!”

Trivia Answer 🔎


great wall of china

Photo credit: Severin.stalder / Wikimedia Commons

While the Great Wall of China is an impressively large structure, it is not, in fact, visible from space to the naked eye. Neil Armstrong was unable to see any man-made structures from the moon, and Jeffrey Hoffman, another former astronaut, says he never saw the wall, either: "The problem is that the human eye is most sensitive to contrast, and the color of the wall is not that different from the ground on either side of it."

One Last Smile

coach buzz williams standing between veterans and basketball players

A powerful reminder. This coach was disappointed with basketball players’ lack of attention during the National Anthem, so he lined up war heroes directly in front of them to teach them what it means to appreciate freedom.

“Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.”

– Joseph Addison

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